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Tinashe "Rascal (Superstar)" Music Video

Tinashe "Rascal (Superstar)" Music Video
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Nasty Nashe

It's New Music Friday and I cannot believe I get to share Tinashe's new music video "Rascal (Superstar)." The visuals in this video blew my mind! Katie Qian, the key stylist, and I often collaborate with phenomenal results. This was no exception!

The day Katie called me, I had had a tough week with one too many projects to complete and not enough sleep. I was literally about to lay down for a nap when I got the call. In my haze, I completely missed who it was for. I was too worried about getting to the fabric store before it closed to get the materials I needed. In my rush, I had walked out with no pants or phone! 

In the end, I got it together and ended up being able to produce a custom pink look with a matching skirt the morning of when it was supposed to be picked up, along with another one of my tulle gowns. It wasn't until I was sent images did I realize who it was for. My jaw dropped! I'm such a big fan of Tinashe and I am so grateful for these opportunities. It sometimes feels like a dream. View my process and the final video below! 



@tinashe is seriously unreal 😍##fashiondesigner ##fashionedit ##artistsoftiktok ##summerproject ##mystyle ##tinashe ##HiddenGems

♬ Link Up - Tinashe






Director: @JasperEgan 
Production: Drmbear
Hair: @NinaJHair
Artist: @TinasheNow


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