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Spring/Summer 18 Clarity

Inspired by William Forsythe’s “Scattered Crowds”, a whimsical spacial installation that explores the “relationship, of distance, of humans and emptiness, of coalescence and decision”, this season’s collection explores the concept of space and the way it can be filled whilst still remaining empty. Though both Forsythe and Hoang uncover the idea of emptiness through physical space, emptiness is also experienced psychologically through human emotions.

Lisa N. Hoang’s Spring and Summer 18 Collection explores the four stages that one experiences before they can fully achieve ‘Clarity’: birth, innocence, rebellion and desire. The emotions faced at each stage varies from person to person much like the experience one has depending on their decision to manoeuvre the balloons or not.

The colour palette for the earlier stages of Birth and Innocence mimic the themes of purity through lighter shades whereas the later stages of Rebellion and Desire are represented through darker shades that add an air of mystery and sultriness.

The choice of flowy, sheer fabrics such as lace and chiffon has not only allowed for movement but also for a layering effect which plays along with the varying opacity of Forsythe’s balloons creating depth in space. The combination of sheers and cut-outs foster a space that calls to be filled by one’s body.

 Stage 1: Birth

The beginning of a life. 


 Stage 2: Innocence

In our youth our perception has yet to be tainted by the realities of the world. 

 Stage 3: Rebellion

As an adolescent we begin to form our own perceptions, independent to the ones we were raised by.

Stage 4: Desire

We become more aware of this primal need and it is what drives us.



Film by TranterGrey Creative Director: Lisa N. Hoang HMU Director: Ashley Brook Perryman ABP Make Up Hair Stylists: Kelli Hoff and Bryan Wayne Team ABP Make Up Artist: Heather Barnett Team ABP Models: Lillian Norris (Stage 1), Sophia Jolly (Stage 2), Elly Noah (Stage 3), Grace Wasyluk (Stage 4)

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