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Tini Stoessel at Libertadores 2019

Tini Stoessel at Libertadores 2019
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This will forever be on of my most memorable project, it taught me just how far I would be willing to go for a project. In this case I literally jumped on a plane and went to Peru with only a day's notice. Fed ex had provided the stylist, Cara Gordon with an inaccurate quote so upon realizing that there was no way the outfit would get there in time for the performance, it was decided I would have to go since Cara herself couldn't. The ticket purchased had insanely long layovers, 14 hours total. That in addition to the actual travel time plus transport to and from put me at 52 hours. The most traveling I have ever done in one stretch by far. But I got to visit Peru for the first time ever for half an afternoon!

LNH with Team Tini

LNH working on Tini custom LNH Top

 I was so happy to have been able to be there. The original outfit ended up not being a right fit for the performance and so we quickly had to come up with something on the spot. I had only an hour with Tini but because of all the last minute changes I asked for my car to the airport to be delayed for an additional 2 hours and prayed that I would make it on time to my flight.

Tini performing at Copa 2019 and LNH Custom Tini Sketch

Tini had pants she wanted to wear but the zipper was broken. As a quick solution I took the zipper out of my sample and hand sewed it into the pants she was going to wear. I was able to dress her and get her ready for the performance before I had to leave for the airport. Somehow we made everything work under the time crunch. I made it to my flight and Tini looked amazing as always! Special thanks to Tini and her team for keeping me alive in Peru!

Tini, Anitta, Sebastiean Yatra at Libertadores 2019

Photos: Couresy of Tini Stoessel Instagram | Make Up: Vane Aragon | Hair: Estudio Olivera 

Watch their performance below: 


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