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Melanie Liburd stuns at the Emmys 2018

Melanie Liburd stuns at the Emmys 2018
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Who would have thought that I would be preparing a gown for the Emmys instead of preparing for Hurricane Florence last week? Definitely, not me. I was sitting there trying to decide how bad this hurricane would be when I received a pull request from stylists, Dani and Emma. I even thought it was fake until I did some research.  I was honoured to even be considered a designer to pull from. Typically when stylists pull from designers, you never know if that celebrity will wear your stuff. Fashion is funny like that. It is a mix of hard work and pure chance.

"Fashion is funny like that. It is a mix of hard work and pure chance."

It was an exciting moment when I was notified by the stylists that Melanie Liburd will be wearing MY DRESS to the Emmys. I cried. 

Melanie Liburd at The Emmys 2018

Melanie Liburd, who is going to become a series regular on Season 3 of “This is Us,” my all-time favourite crying show, looked breathtaking in our Black Tulle Gown. It was worth staying up all night sewing the dress to see it go down the red carpet days later.

Lisa N. Hoang sewing

When a lot of people see this off the shoulder floor-length gown it’s hard to decide where you want to wear this to, because not everyone is headed to the Emmys. One way to style the gown is to wear it layered over a halter top and shorts.

LNH Picks Black Hater Top | Black Illusion Skirt | Emma Denim Halter

Lisa N. Hoang Designs

Or if you are that "casual" friend, throw this dress on over a pair of jeans for that chic Parisian look. Casual enough right? 

LNH Picks Denim Corset | Black Pleated Pants

 Lisa N. Hoang Designs

 For a night time look, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket. Our Two Piece Nude Outfit can also be worn underneath, taking the gown from day to night. 

LNH Picks |  Two Piece Nude OutfitLisa N. Hoang Designs and Micah Gianneli

Stay tuned for next week as we try out these styles! Know of a fun way to style the gown? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @LisaNHoang and #HoangGang to get featured!



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