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Dressing Youtube Star Griffin Arnlund for the AMAs

Dressing Youtube Star Griffin Arnlund for the AMAs
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It was an amazing experience to be able to dress Melanie Liburd for the Emmys, so you can imagine my excitement when Griffin Arnlund reached out about dressing her for the American Music Awards. From New York Fashion Week to the red carpet, I never thought that my clothes would be this popular during award season. As an emerging designer, I want my clothes to always leave a lasting impression, and Griffin Arnlund did just that in our Rose Petal Gown.  

A question we get a lot when dressing celebrities is do they pay us for the dress or vice versa, do we pay them to wear it? And the answer is no to both. For red carpet events when stylists and celebrities reach out for clothes, no money is exchanged. We have been fortunate enough that those who have chosen to wear our dresses did it out of love for our brand and our style. We favor collaborations based on meaningful connections like this. Griffin chose the dress she would wear and paired it with a glamorous look done by Tarte Cosmetics. In exchange we received exposure to her audience. As an emerging brand, LNH needs the exposure to continue to grow our presence in the fashion world.

My advice to other emerging fashion designers is that to build a sustainable brand with longevity, the best way to do that is to build up your relationships with influencers. We all have a love-hate relationship with social media but we would be stupid to deny the power it has to build a brand. To truly gain traction on social media, the best thing to do is to find influencers with more than 500k followers. Micro and macro influencers have become highly researched terms, but in fashion, through my experience, aiming for influencers with more followers that relate to your demographic helps to gain the exposure that most brands are seeking. Griffin was wonderful to work with and something that I would look forward to doing again in the near future.

LNH Picks | Rose Petal Gown

The gown features champagne lace on a corset bodice, but what makes it so special is the train. Scattered down the four feet train were the 600 flowers that make it up. Each flower was made out of 6 individual petals, finished with a pearl in the middle by my boyfriend. With five interns and me, we took over 100 hours to finish the dress for the runway.


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