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Effortlessly Cool with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Lachlan Watson X Portrait Mami

Effortlessly Cool with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Lachlan Watson X Portrait Mami
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One day I was streaming The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the next I got to have an impromptu photoshoot with Lachlan Watson and Lauren Woods aka Portrait Mami. This shoot was a personal set for Lachlan since the primary objective was to show off their top surgery scars. Lauren's talented eye did so beautifully using the North Carolina Museum of Art fields as a backdrop. 

Above Lachlan wears our Satin and Chiffon Peplum Top and our Audrey Pants. This look is one of my all time favorites when it comes to staple pieces.Unfortunately it doesn't get pulled much for shoots because it is TINY. Fortunately Lachlan is a tiny human being who knows how to dress.   They turned the top around because it fitted their body better emphasizing the versatility of the top. Lachlan also loved the pants so much, they ended up going home with them. 

Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

For Look 2 we found this "lifeguard stand", not really sure what it actually was, that happened to match our outfit perfectly. Lachlan wore a 3 piece look featuring our Denim Duster Coat, White Linen Bralet and Sheer Pleated Pants. We are still swooning over the fit here! 

Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

The look was completed with our Skeleton Hand Bracelet. Did I mention Lachlan unsurprisingly knows how to work a camera? Between her and Lauren we moved quickly through each look despite starting 3 hours late. Daylight savings to the rescue!

Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

We were able to capture all of our looks in surreal lighting. Look 3 was simply beautiful. The Ruffled Lace Dress against the romantic backdrop of the willow was giving me intense renaissance vibes. 

Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

Lauren did a fantastic job of capturing the Lachlan's intensity. Their friendship was  very heartwarming to see. During our prep for the shoot, Lachlan took the time to FaceTime with Lauren's younger cousins who were huge fans of the show. The girls were so shocked and excited to see Lachlan that they were left speechless, but then one of them was able to yell out "I love you!" before the call ended. This moved Lachlan to tears as she said "I'm not used to this."

 Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

For Look 4 Lachlan wears our Mesh Body Suit and Gold Hot Pants. The location of this look was literally painful. We decided to march up a hill to catch the light and get a little privacy. Lauren stepped into some hidden thorns and Lachlan gets a piggy-back ride from Ashton, Lauren's assistant for the day. 

Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

It was so worth it for these photos. 

Lachland Watson in Lisa N. Hoang

The final look showcased circuit trousers I made while still in college. I'm kind of a hoarder when it comes to the things I have made but you never know when it can be used.

Lachlan Watson wearing Lisa N. Hoang (LNH) Clothes

 Lachlan laying down was a very fitting end to our shoot. They drove from Virginia that morning and somehow still had the energy to do a shoot with 5 looks. Which look was your favorite? Let me know below. 


TOPS  Satin and Chiffon Peplum Top  |  White Linen Bralet  Mesh Body Suit

BOTTOMS  Audrey Pants |  Sheer Pleated Pants |  Gold Hot Pants

JACKET  Denim Duster Coat

DRESS  Ruffled Lace Dress

ACCESSORY  Skeleton Hand Bracelet


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