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Sabrina Claudio is Named Best Dressed by Teen Vogue at Coachella Weekend 2

Sabrina Claudio is Named Best Dressed by Teen Vogue at Coachella Weekend 2
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Sabrina Claudio debuted at Coachella this year and I'm so honored to have been able to play a small role. I honestly screamed a little when I saw the email. I love her music and we could not have been a better fit style wise. Sabrina is the real human muse of my brand aesthetic.  

Sabrina Claudio Coachella in Lisa N. Hoang

For celebrity pulls, stylists will send requests to my email and I will filter through them. I don't say yes to everyone, although I do try to. It really just comes down to whether the garments are available and if the project is a good fit for me. I used to say yes to every single thing that came into my inbox and I risked my mental health in doing so. What most people don't realize is that I do make every single item myself. This is on top of running a business every day, again alone. 

Sabrina Claudio at Coachella in Lisa N. Hoang

After Katie Qian, the stylist, requested several looks we shipped her the looks based on an agreed date. Katie pulled several looks including our Black Slip Dress, Full Lace Outfit, White Slip Dress, and of course the Black Tulle Gown. After that it is out of my hands. I keep notifications turned on for the event and Sabrina Claudio.

Stylists are so busy and they pull from so many designers that it is not realistic for them to notify every designer they have pulled from whether or not their garment is being used. In this case Katie was super sweet and had informed me that they would be using my look for Coachella Weekend 2! This black tulle dress as my friend would say is my "DVF" dress. It is our most pulled and worn dress to date!

Sabrina Claudio Lisa N. Hoang Picks

Coachella Weekend 1 comes around and by this time I had forgotten that Sabrina would be wearing my dress Weekend 2. I'm completely devastated when I see that she has on a different outfit. Even though my garment was pulled and confirmed there is always that chance that the look is not going to be worn.This does not help that I have insecurities about whether my designs are even good enough to wear on the MainStage but a quick check of my email reassured me that I still had a chance for Weekend 2. 

Sabrina Claudio Coachella in Lisa N. Hoang

 Wow, was it worth the wait! Sabrina looked stunning in our Black Tulle Gown. The wind was moving the dress all around her during the performance which resulted in some pretty amazing pictures. I missed her livestream, but I was able to find some videos of her performing through some serious stalking and googling. 

Sabrina Claudio Coachella in Lisa N. Hoang

Sabrina Claudio in Lisa N. Hoang at Coachella

Sabrina was so gracious even taking the time to thank me for the looks. The she tagged me in the photos and I was floored. Yes this is rare! Usually I don't directly communicate with the celebrities and even rarer that they tag me without some hassling on my part. 

 Sabrina Claudio Coachella in Lisa N. Hoang (LNH)

To top it all off, Sabrina was featured on the HypeBae instagram account in the dress and Teen Vogue named her best dressed for Weekend 2. I can now check off two things off my bucket list, Coachella and Teen Vogue's Best Dressed list. Now to actually attend Coachella.  

Sabrina Claudio Coachella in Lisa N. Hoang

Sabrina Claudio HypeBae Teen Vogue Lisa N. Hoang

Listen to one of my favorite songs by Sabrina Claudio below:


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