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Zero Waste Scrunchies and Ways to Wear Them

Zero Waste Scrunchies and Ways to Wear Them
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I have put my fabric scraps to some use. Anyone who sews or really anyone in crafts knows how quickly you tend to accumulate fabric or materials in general. I never know what to do with the leftover fabrics from my projects. I only know that I don't want to throw them away and that is how I ended up sewing over 200 scrunchies in 2 days. Yup that's how much "scraps" I have and I barely made a dent. Now how to wear them?

1. Messy bun 

A scrunchie helps dress up a messy bun but I have yet to perfect the art of making a "casually" thrown up bun look this good instead of just a mess. Maybe it's just not "Mint to Be"?

Lisa N. Hoang Scrunchies

Lisa N. Hoang Mint To Be Scrunchies

2. Space Buns

For those who are feeling more playful and not afraid to say "Yellow, its me!"

Lisa N. Hoang "Yellow Its Me" Scrunchie Pack

3. Low Ponytail

I "Pinky Promise" this will be your go-to style. 

Lisa N. Hoang Pinky Promise Scrunchie Pack

 Lisa N. Hoang Pinky Promise Scrunchie

4. Half up, half down

Can't decide what to do? Do both. The "Pink a boo" set is perfect for this look because it is a blend of bold and neutral colors. 

Lisa N. Hoang Pink a Boo Srunchie

5. Braids

To really "Blue Your Mind" and up the challenge level, add braids to any of the style above. 

Lisa N. Hoang " Blue Your Mind" Scrunchie

Lisa N. Hoang Blue Your Mind Scrunchie Pack

In the end I was able to fit all the left over fabric in the palm of my hand! Now to try some of these hairstyles. Let me know which one you liked the most!


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